How to Ask for Cash Instead of Gifts

By Sara Margulis, CEO & Founder

Not sure how to tell your wedding guests about your gift preferences? Worried that asking for cash is tacky? We've got all the etiquette info you need to tastefully ask for cash instead of gifts.

Be Specific About How You Will Spend the Money

The easiest and most effective way to receive cash instead of gifts, without coming across like "money matters most," is to create a Honeyfund registry. The items on your list should represent what you truly hope to spend the money on. Guests will choose an item and give you the money to help fund it. You'll get the cash, and guests get the satisfaction of giving you something you really want!

Check out our Sample Registries for ideas:


Don't Mention It. Wait to be Asked.

There is only one important point to remember about asking for cash instead of gifts: Don't mention it in your wedding invitation! Your honeyfund, your wedding website and word of mouth are the only proper places to share this information.

Most wedding website services provide a registry tab, where you can list your honeyfund and post a message to your guests about your preferences. (If you don't have a wedding website, your Honeyfund can serve this purpose! Add all your wedding details, here.)

Immediate family, friends and your wedding party should be notified so they are ready to spread the word about your preference for cash. Those closest to you are the ones others will ask, so make sure they are in the know. You'll be surprised by the power of good old-fashioned word of mouth.

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